I was waiting at the bus stop to meet Thomas on his way home from school, and for some reason I started thinking about goldfish, and how Bob would be an excellent name for such a creature, on so many levels. And as I thought, a voice in my head said "Bob is the best goldfish in the world". That's what Bob's owner would say. Children are proud of their pets and would do almost anything for them. In Bob's case, that includes decorating his tank to prevent the fish from becoming bored. And simple questions like "Can you get wallpaper for goldfish?" lead to plans that are literally out of this world. Common sense prevails, of course, and Bob gets what he really needs...

The drawings of the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal took two days each to draw, while St Basil's Cathedral took twice as long! Bob stays in exactly the same position in each picture (as do his three bubbles) apart from the pupil of his eye. After I finished the book I remembered that Thomas had actually owned a goldfish called Bob several years earlier, and his tank had contained exactly the objects described at the end of the book!

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